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Proofing Update Status (S,O,C,D) Should Show Individual Statuses


Level 3


When viewing the green status buttons for the recipients on a proof (S, O, C, D), they are all automatically turned green for everyone if one person makes a decision, instead of showing who actually commented, etc. This happens when the setting "only one decision required". I would like the green status buttons to accurately reflect what each individual did instead of collectively applying one status to everyone. The example below shows all users made a comment when in fact only one did. This is misleading.0EM0z000001cZXu.png



Level 2


I would agree that this is misleading and should accurately reflect what each person did in the Proof by highlighting or not based on their actions.




Agree with Sandi. When only one user is required to make decision, the O and C turn green for others on the stage. It is misleading because those users have not completed those actions.