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Proof Decisions - Enable more options and expand the limit


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Currently, proof decisions are limited to 4 items and we would like to see an enhancement where you can either expand the limit to a greater number or have the ability to apply different sets of decisions by Workfront group or team. I think the latter may be difficult given the current architecture between Workfront and Workfront Proof but still would like to propose it.

Since we are limited to just 4 decisions, the challenges are the following:

  • Legal/Compliance have other decisions that are needed but cannot be added due to the limitation
  • Using proof workflows with these decisions may make sense from a Compliance standpoint, but if we want other groups let's say our Creative team to use proof workflows, the decisions are limited to what we initially created from a Compliance lens, so it makes no use/sense to them
  • Reasons can be added to the decisions as some sort of workaround, but this gets challenging to not only manage but require the users to do an extra step rather than one simple click of a decision