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Proof approval comment should be included in notification email


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When proofing or making proof approvals, after clicking an approval button, a comment box opens up. When a user types in a comment then clicks Send Comment, the comment is not included in the notification email that the document owner receives, nor are they sent any sort of notification.

Include the proof approval comment in the approval notification email.



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so i just tested this, because i was a little confused.

If you use the approval method (not proofing-ProofHQ or WF Proofs) on a document, the receiver of said approval will get a notification of the request for approval on the tab for approvals in the My Work area if they have a WF licenses.

If that person goes into the tab and chooses one of the options to approve, makes a comment, then hits send, there is an email sent to the originator of the request to approve. However, i see what Barbara is saying: on the email that comes through, the original comment made by the approver does not show on the originator's email. It just says "Just wanted to let you know" with a link to the document.

I now agree with Barbara that showing the approvers comments on this "just wanted to let you know" email would be fantastic. Good work Barbara.


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In addition to adding a comment/context to the approval, I would also like to customize this email contents with my company's branding so that a new person will not be suspicious about why they are getting the email.


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This is very confusing for us here. People comment when they approve something and the comment goes against the job but you cannot tag anyone so it is in the cloud. I miss many comments made here. I have inquired with WF and there is no way to hide this feature that is not working for us and I was told an option of just not using it. It is very hard to just not use something that is there for usage but does not work correctly.


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I am having a huge issue with this. People are sending comments, and no one is alerted that a comment was included because the notification looks the same whether there is a comment or not. Things fall through the cracks here..... NOT GOOD. This is a breakdown in communication and a real potential nightmare. This HAS to be fixed, it is a major flaw. Either notify the assigned person that a comment has been made, or delete the comment feature on an approval.


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I agree this is a functionality that needs to be added. I comment on an approval task I have as a project-record function, but I would like to tag the project owner in that information. Right now, I have to copy and paste it into a task update or the updates field to tag. I don't understand why you can tag in document, general and task updates but not on approvals (specifically since a box is provided). Actually, that lends an opportunity for error to the project.


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‚Manual work around is creating a lot of user complaints. Reviewers don't know if they're in Workfront or Proof when reviewing anyway, and comments are being missed without these notifications.


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Adding that if you fill this comment box up, it will show in the updates area but appears to be untagged/sent to no one. So when the project owner comes across this update, they don't know that the approver has already made a decision about the document and the document owner already knows what happened to it and so ends up tagging the document owner again. It should automatically tag the document owner and show it on the updates!


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The same is true when commenting during the approval of a task, issue, or project - you can't tag anyone so no one knows a comment has been made. AND no one is notified of either the approval or the rejection, which causes things to fall through cracks.

We're looking at creating a report to track certain issues sent for approval (not requests submitted through the request queue).


How I'd like it to work

1. The user making a comment should be able to tag any user to alert them of the comment.

2. Whoever submitted such an item for approval (the user changing the status that triggers the approval) should receive a notification of either an approval or a rejection.