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pronouns across products


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its 2022 and im queer.

i look like a woman. i was born a woman. i identify outside of the current gender expressions that are available to me and as such use they / them pronouns. sometimes she is okay, sometimes he is okay.

i need to be able to indicate this in one.workfront profile and to be able to configure my users pronouns, allow users to self-select pronouns, bulk upload pronouns, etc. i also need to be able to update my name without a ticket on both one.workfront and within our instance of workfront. this is because i may decide to transition my gender publicly in the future. seeing my old name (often referred to as a dead name) can be very traumatic - making changing my name as easy as possible will help me feel safe using this tool.

please do this. it would mean so much to your gender fluid, LGBTQIA+, and well everyone!!

some helpful information is listed below. (keep in mind, some people have MIXED PRONOUNS: she/ they)