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Increase object's title to be full screen width and wrap across top header so can see full title without mouse hover over



Description - Increase Workfront object's (project, task, issue, program) title to be full screen width across top header and wrap so can see the full title without mouse hover over.


Why is this feature important to you - The object's title field is by far the most vital piece of information on an object.  Our titles can be rather long when we have a prefix for the team, title/short description, year, and work type.  And because we prefix many names the same, when the screen is standard size, all you see is the prefix which is not enough.  Users must hover over the title and wait to see the full name.


How would you like the feature to work - Workfront's object titles should span the full window length AND wrap if longer than window width so the full title can be seen without a mouse hover over.  The other header information such as percent complete, assignees, status, etc should be in a row UNDERNEATH the title.  This would also allow for more room to add more/different custom fields to the object header.


Current Behaviour - Object title is so narrow that can only read a few characters even in 100%/standard zoom.


See attachment