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Project Properties: Designate Fields As Required


Level 4


Would it be possible for Admins to designate certain fields in Project properties as required in order for Project Owners to create projects?

Portfolio and Program are very important fields and Project Owners often forget to select them when creating projects. If we could require values in those fields then Project Owners would be forced to make selections when opening projects.



Level 3


I concur to this idea. When a user creates a project without a request, it isn't added to its proper Portfolio. If the user doesn't add a Program Name, then it won't be filed correct - adding issues for users. Having Program Names and Portfolios as required would avoid this issue from happening.



To add to this, I want certain fields to be required by certain groups. For example, clients won't know certain fields when submitting a request so they are blank so I can't make them required. But when the intake team/managers review the request, I need them to populate certain fields or reporting doesn't work. They keep forgetting to fill in certain fields.


Level 6


We waste a lot of time each quarter auditing projects in the system where Portfolio and Program are left blank. The ability to make these required would be an immediate time savings for us.


Level 3


This would be extremely useful as our team uses the Portfolio and Program to tie back to specific reporting elements we've created with custom forms.


Community Advisor


Hi WorkFront, any thoughts on this? I've seen more than 1 submission regarding this. Really want at least Portfolio to be required!