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Programming Style Commenting in Text Mode


Level 10


Since text-mode is very programming-like, I'd like to see the ability to comment-out text mode code as well as simple line-by-line comments.

This would require a way to do "start comments" and "end comments" (to comment out large blocks) as well as a way to do a simple one-line comment.

This would let me document why I did what I did, or test a new bit of code while leaving the old bit in there in case things go wrong.

This would apply to all text mode areas: filters, groups, fields, etc.



Level 5


TRUE! Quite often I need to rewrite the things from scratch because I don't remember anymore...

Can it be also in calculated fields in calcualtions?


Level 2


I think this would be a very useful feature. Coming into Workfront as a new administrator to an existing instance, it required more solo research.