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Print DOCUMENT Custom forms


Level 2


We have custom forms attached to documents. While I can print custom forms attached to the project, and print the document and related information, there's no way to print the document summary and include the fields from the custom form.

In our situation, the documents and the custom form are mandatory in the approval process and sign off. We will need to print the two in the same PDF file, along with the approval and other information. This is required for auditing purposes.



Level 6


In addition to printing document custom forms I want to be able to print PROGRAM OR PORTFOLIO custom forms. I don't understand why they only made the option to print at the project or task level and not everywhere that uses custom forms!


Level 1


The best work around we have now is to copy/paste the form data into a Word Doc. That's not ideal as it loses formatting and is difficult to read. The second work around is screenshots, which is also problematic. If we had the ability to turn off the use of iFrames across the entire platform, a whole list of issues would be resolved, including this one.