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Prevent project from being marked complete when proof decisions are pending



Description - Prevent projects from being marked complete when there are pending proof decisions.

Why is this feature important to you - As part of our clean up efforts we check to see if there are pending proof decisions on closed projects, often we have to go back to the team to see if the proof can be cancelled.

How would you like the feature to work - When the last task is marked complete, check to see if there are pending proof decisions.  If so the project cannot automatically close and a notification is sent to the person assigned to the last task with instructions to complete the proof and manually close the project.

Current Behaviour - Currently there is no interaction between proof decisions and completing the project which results in pending proofs being left open on closed projects.



Community Advisor


We increasingly have a backlog of pending proofs and I have to constantly remind people to close them (that a comment is not a decision, and that approving a later version doesn't automatically close out this one!). 

We need this or need something that if a project goes to complete and there are pending proofs, any pending proofs change to a status of ‘later version approved.'



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@Madalyn_Destafney did you ever find a solution for closing out proofs on previous versions of documents? Do you know if there's a way to report on only proofs that are pending on the latest version?


We have an automated workflow that we use for proofing, and if the proof gets rejected at an early stage, the later stages remain pending even though they are no longer relevant. We have thousands of pending proofs that are irrelevant because a new version was uploaded and approved. Clearing those are a nightmare since there isn't a bulk option for that...


I would appreciate any thoughts.



Cass Lang


Community Advisor


Hi @CassLangg, there still isn't an automated way to close those as far as I know. I have this snippet from a proof approval report that pulls current version of proofs in current projects, try this out and of course change the status to Complete instead of Current.