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Option to replace help URL with your Custom Help URL (and rename Custom Help URL)


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When our users need help in Workfront, many of them instinctively click the existing Help button/icon/link to find answers. While this is great for administrators, it is not at all useful for our end-users/requesters and often causes frustration and confusion. We tried setting a Custom Help URL, but that phrase really isn't intuitive if you're an end user/client. I certainly wouldn't know to click that instead of the default help button if I were in their shoes.

I'd really like to see the following functionalities added:

  • Option for System Admins to choose which help option is displayed for their users: the Workfront default help button, or the Custom Help URL
  • Ability to re-name "Custom Help URL" to something of your choosing.

I think a good place to put this option would either be in the users' Access Level settings or their Layout Template settings (preferably the latter). That way, we can provide the right kind of help for each kind of user.

There's a similar post (linked below) that could use some more upvotes as well, but I felt a new post was appropriate to specify the ability to choose between which URL should be available. I don't think it can hurt to give that idea some support as well. :)


Thank you everyone!

Maddy Martin

Workfront Technology Specialist

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation (NMLS# 2289)