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Option to Keep Date-Based Custom Fields from Shifting with User Time Zones


Level 7


Currently, if you had a "Date and Time" custom field, and a user inputs information into that custom field, the data will shift based on the time zone of the person who is looking at it. We would like an option to make this field static so that the information remains the same no matter who is looking at it.

This is needed for communicating precisely when an event is going to happen within our organization.

For example, if I submit a request that says my webinar starts at 8 AM PST (we also capture time zone in a separate field), then "8 AM PST" should display no matter who is looking at the request. Currently, if someone in EST is looking at it, the date/time will shift to show it as starting at "11 AM", which causes confusion.

There are certainly use cases for this field being dynamic; however, having a "static" option to check off when setting up the field would help immensely with our problem.