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Open Documents in Native Application


Level 4


Description (Situation): Workfront does not support opening documents in their native application when stored inside Workfront. A user is required to download the document to view it when it isn’t in pdf format. We need to be able to view documents without the extra steps.


Current Behavior (Background):

  • When you navigate to the document area and click a document name it automatically begins a download of the document if it is not in pdf format
  • Click document details, this opens a window, and it appears you can click preview to see the document. When you click preview, you are forced to download a copy of the document if not in pdf format


Why is this feature important to you (Assessment):  The current functionality of requiring the user to download a document just to view it is cumbersome and inefficient. It also causes problems with staff downloading items and creating different versions that are not then uploaded into Workfront. They also cannot make changes to the document when inside Workfront and need to download and then reload a new version.


How would you like this feature to work (Recommendation): When you click a document, it should trigger opening in either in a viewer inside Workfront or the native application (word, ppt, etc).