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One-Click Removal of Obsolete Tasks in "My Work"


Level 7


Create mechanism to "Remove All" tasks from My Work where the task has been reassigned or project has been removed (i.e., the task is no longer actionable by the Assignee.)

Business Justification:
Overhead in having to click the Remove button for each task.

Use Case:
When tasks are reassigned in bulk to another or the Project is removed the task still shows in My Work and requires the user to click "Remove" which takes a non-trivial amount of time when a large number of tasks need to be removed.

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Level 4


This should also include those times when the task has been marked complete or done otherwise. In the 'old' Requests tab, there is no way to indicate this doesn't belong to me without e-mailing back. Think this will be resolved by the new Home Page.