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Offer a more grid-like view in Tasks


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Some of our business lines are using existing tools like SmartSheet that have a very grid-based view.

The main benefits of this seem to be:

  • Looks more like a spreadsheet - empty rows are shown which make it feel very similar to using Excel
  • Full keyboard controls - because you are just seeing the grid, you can key across the columns/rows very easily
  • In-line editing is much quicker
  • Rows are constrained to a single height and don't automatically wrap - again helps with familiarity
  • Certain elements (e.g. comments) load in a dialog rather than as a whole new page which make it easier to go through the plan collaboratively

Moving to Workfront for these teams feels like a trade-off in terms of speed of entry. It would be great to have such a view in Workfront.