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Object Hierarchy clarity in reporting


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Added feature request:

Add PATH as API Parameter Issue Reports in order to filter by queue topics and/or groups easily.

Add popup or some kind of indication how the object hierarchy (in this case, queue topic /topic group) while displaying the value to reduce confusion or provide disparity between similar named values.


While working with several stakeholders wanting to gather requests submitted to specific topics and groups, filtering by these objects proves very difficult and time consuming. Essentially, we have multiple request queues (Projects) where multiple queue topics and/or topic groups may have the same name. When it comes to filter by these names, its near impossible to identify which belongs to a specific topic or group as there is only the name. There is a workaround by finding the specific GUID (global unique ID) and then pasting it into the typeahead field but this is cumbersome and a bad user experience.


The only way to identify if the queue topic/group is correct is to either limit naming convention or by adding through GUID. However, this method requires the admin to navigate to the project, open the desired topic/group, edit the field and copy/paste, or similarly, navigate to the Requests tab, select the correct queue topic/group, copy the "Path", paste on a new tab, and copy/paste from the URL.

Proposed solution:

Add either a parameter in the API table that allows for Request Queue fields (Queue Topic, Topic Group, Routing Rule, etc.) or for an object's Path to be visible (popup or typeahead) so that objects can be added quickly into the Filter section.