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Notifications to Teams


Level 10


It would be great that if a task is assigned to a team, that everyone on the team receives a notification when the predecessors for that task are complete. Right now this only works if the task is assigned to a specific person. This would be greatly helpful for organizations that assign tasks out to teams, and the individual team members pick up a task when it's ready to be worked on.



Level 3


Our team based users are frustrated that the only way they know if a task has been added to their queue is to refresh their browser. They would very much like to get a notification to the team when a task is active—predecessor is complete.


Level 6


This would be great for issues coming through also. A lot of our users do not like to rely on email and would have to keep refreshing their browser and looking at the team's page or the tiny link in My Work > Ready to Start at the bottom that shows if a team has work to do. This is a tedious process right now.


Level 9


I'll jump onto this party car.... YES - especially since I was 'trained' to believe that Teams in Workfront was the best way to assign work over an individual. Which is IMHO the best way on a templates - so that you only need to modify the works in a team, vs updating the templates.


Level 5


This is the biggest pinch point for my users. Our projects are pretty long (12-18mo duration) and one email at the beginning of the project is not sufficient. A designated resource manager is not an option for some of the teams either. Members of a teams should be notified when a task is ready.