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Notifications Default Settings to instant


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Description -  It would be incredibly helpful to be able to default ALL the Communication and Information about Work Assigned to Me notifications to Instant.  Some of them only default to daily and have to manually be set to instant when a new user is set up.


Why is this feature important to you -  We have had too many instances where this default wasn't reset and have lost 1/2 day to a day in communication responses because the recipient didn't get their notification until the next day.


How would you like the feature to work -  option to default all Notification options to Instant.


Current Behaviour - the following Communication options default only to Daily

Someone comments on a thread I'm in

Someone comments on one of my work items

Someone includes my team non a directed update

Someone replies to my request


The following Information about Work assigned to ME default only to Daily:

A predecessor of one of my tasks is complete

Documents are uploaded or changed on requests I'm assigned to


Eden Kellner researched our settings and opened a service ticket on my behalf. Eden thought this could be set up in Defaults.  It then went through Neha Singhal and landed with Aliece Christensen who both said it only defaults to Daily and I'd have to manually set it for each new user to Instant. (Case number 00383128)