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Notification Options on Workfront Proof Comments


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Description: Workfront Proof needs to have Notification options!


Why is this feature important to you: Having one notification saves time. One source of truth for the comments made on the proof. The team does not have to go through each notification and with each notification there is a possibility that notifications may be missed leading to risks.


How would you like the feature to work: We would like options.

  1. Turn off all proof notifications
  2. Notification once a decision is made on a proof
  3. Instant notifications
  4. Daily notifications


Current Behavior: Every time a comment is made on a proof the team receives a notification in Workfront.

So, if there are 50 comments, there are 50 notifications.



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You might need to clarify your request a bit, since all of those notification options are already available in Workfront Proof, which are separate from the regular Workfront notifications.  And people can adjust those themselves with the proper access.






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@leighhasty is correct, sounds like you're referring to proof notifications that are available in proof, separate from email notifications in the user's WF profile. From your Idea, it sounds like your users have 'All Activity' proof notifications turned on. You can change this in 2 places:
- With the user's setting in Proof ('Proofing' from main menu) - this will set their default proof notifications
- You can set Proof-specific notifications for reviewers/approvers on a proof in the Proofing Workflow of a specific proof, it's next to their proof role. That is a setting only for that specific proof.