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Notes carried over from Templates


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Hello WF Community:

I have several templates that have notes in specific tasks that I want to transfer over each time I use the template because it will give the task holder a better understanding of the task e.g. in my template - Article N&I -I have the following comment under this task:

Task: Subscriber Email content Due:

Note/update: This is content that will describe/setup/entice our subscribers to click on the your article within their subscriber email.

I have been told: "I was able to do some testing on this functionality in my own instance and it does not appear to be an intended functionality for the updates or notes that are placed on template tasks to stick when that template is used to create a Project. I believe that this is because the Project that is created in this process is an entirely new object on its own that is not tied to the Template very closely if at all."

Which doesn't make sense because a template should be evergreen and updatable, but carry over into the project? How can I get this functionality? Thanks for your help and Vote Yes if you'd also like this functionality. Ellen



Level 3


This information can be entered in the Description field of the Task Details section in the template for the chosen task(s). It would then populate in any project created from the template.

Am I misunderstanding your request?


Level 2


Thank you Dave Parker: This is a good solid solve for now and I'll educate my team on where to find the information. Thank you Ellen