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Missing hours


Level 1


Description -

Why is this feature important to you -

The current timesheet hours totals are misleading. They don't show the correct total of all hours tracked.


How would you like the feature to work -

There should be a clear indicator of PTO entered, and corporate holidays already tracked.


Current Behaviour -

When I enter hours in Time Off, there is no indication on the timesheet. Likewise, corporate holidays don't show on the timesheet.

So if there's an 8-hour corporate holiday during a week, and I take an 8-hour PTO day, I should only enter 24 hours in the timesheet. But nothing shows this. It just looks incomplete.

It should show that 40 hours of time for the week are accounted for. Thank you.



Level 10


In System setting, the system admin (possibility to give access to Group admin), can disable if timeoff if planned, then not possible to add hours. In addition, the timeoff days should be highlighted with a distinct color. For example, if user is half day (4 hrs) timeoff, then cell must be colored in different and hrs in number to be seen. The hours itself automatically based on user's / default schedule.

Similarly, corporate holidays to be filled based on schedule with a different color than timeoff, in addition hrs must be visible in number. In current scenario, it totals all. Practically, it should show both number of worked / logged by day/ week and PTO should be visible in separate. Such as a standard field can be added in report or a drop down list at the top right corner of timesheet. So the user can select timesheet, timesheet + timeoff, timesheet + timeoff + PTO, etc.

Note: it would be great to see the progress of task in percent complete in timesheet level also. Refer below. User directly manage progress from here too.Timesheet 1.jpg


Level 1


Hi, I was wondering if you could help with the below at all please?


Is there a way that we can pull a report each week to show the number of missing hours (Hours not submitted by users on their timesheets) for the week before? Or something similar?