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Milestone View Report Enhancements


Level 4


It would be of great benefit to our business users if the below enhancements could be implemented for Milestone view reporting:

1. Can we freeze the project name column in the Milestone view of reporting, so that when we scroll to the right to view all the project milestones, we don't loose the information of which project we are looking at?

2. When we hover on any milestone task in project milestone view, we are seeing projected dates. When we click on Planned dates, the dates on milestones are not updated to show planned dates. Can this issue be fixed?

3. Is there a way a we don’t show red color for those milestone tasks that are completed? Can we show red color for tasks that are in progress and late?

Can we have the ability to customize color coding based on tasks status and Percent complete?

4. If any task is late, can we have a quick view of all the subtasks that are late?

5. When we click on any milestone task, can we navigate to “Subtasks” in a task instead of “Updates”?

6. Can we add an indicator map on the milestone report to explain what each color means?

7. Can we add an option to display Actual dates on milestone tasks?