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Milestone Report Editing


Level 4


Allow filters/editing of the hard coded milestone reports. Would like the ability to filter our certain Milestones in the report view without changing the milestone path.



Level 9


Agree -- we need the ability to create a Task Report (aka Milestone) that can at minimum all us to add a column to show which Portfolio and Program - the project resides in. Otherwise the Milestone hook into a Task makes its less functional - as SysAdmin I am always selling Workfront as a reporting monster, but these short comings makes it look like a mess.

I'm not 100% clear on what this one is asking for, but if it means that we need the ability to bulk edit task milestones in a report than I am 1000% for it.


Level 7


We want the view the milestones in the same order they are scheduled in the project timeline. It sounds like this could be the fix we are looking for!


Level 4


We are having a problem with our milestones in that we want to be able to see a project report with EITHER a summarized view of just the HIGH LEVEL milestones as well as a GRANULAR view of the milestones of the children that ladder up to the summarized view.

At this point, we are stuck showing everything which is TMI for our executive team, but removing the ability to show the granular milestones makes managing the work for the regular team tricky.

This request would be SUPER helpful for us.