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Matrix Report | Order of Columns


Level 4


We have a need for a milestone type of report. We love the milestone view but it is limiting because it only allows 1 column which is the project name. We have multiple portfolios so we would like to see which portfolio those projects are for.

Additionally we would like to see owners, etc.

I attempted to build a matrix report. I used Milestone Names at the top and Status under. I wanted to see the date for each milestone. But the report is ordering Milestone Names in alphabetical order which is not the order that the process flows. Same applies to statuses.

We would like to have the ability to order those so they align with the process. OR even better, allow the milestone view to be more flexible :)



Level 1


I love this! What we did to fix this is number our milestones steps. For example:
1. Plan

2. Do

3. Study

4. Act

This makes it so they are in the right order when the system sorts. But I agree but organizing them alphabetically makes no sense.


Level 3


This seems like an obvious thing that should be added immediately. It's almost embarrassing that it doesn't already exist.

Without the ability to sort Matrix reporting, you take many chronological use cases for it.