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Mandatory logging of time on task


Level 6


It would be good to have a option to make it mandatory for a user to log time to a task before than can mark it as complete.



Level 2


I agree with this idea. Our team is just starting to build out its Workfront instance. And already this is one of our concerns about getting people to log their time to task before completing it. So, this would be a welcome functionality to WF for us.


Level 1


Me too! In order for resource management to really be effective understanding actuals is massively important. And if there is not already a culture around logging time in the workplace then this is a big shift for people whether they simply forget to log the time or do not want to. Making it mandatory would solve for this and ultimately enable a lot of other Workfront features based on that data.

Admin should be able to control whether logging time on tasks and issues when complete is required. Ideally at the group level.


Level 8


I entered this too a while back. This is huge. Please make it happen. It should be configurable so those who don't want it can turn it off.