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Manage Documents - We need a Document Type, e.g, Brief, Asset, Supporting Doc etc


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WF has a significant gap in Document functionality. There is no way to assign a type when a document is being uploaded. You can create a field on a custom form and hope the user navigates to Custom forms, selects the correct form and then updates the correct field, but that is massively clumsy. WF competitors allow a type to be selected from a dropdown list as part of the document upload process. The list of available types should be managed by the system admins. This will support reporting and risk checking of mandatory documents being loaded to a task or project. In a single client project, there are these separate doc types that we need to assign: campaign brief, data brief, business brief, media plan, print brief, laser brief, comms checklist etc etc, and they all need to be identified and reported separately. Right now, WF doesn't offer this but it would be a massive win if we can have it and it would also bring WF up to the level of its competitors in this area. Please UPVOTE :-)