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Making API Field - workPerDate supported in API versioning


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Description - workPerDate field is currently under list of "Unsupported" API versions, this field is part of ASSIGN/TASK/OPTASK object types. It stores the "Planned Hours" per day per task/project. 

It allows us to do weekly allocation, availability reporting, as you can track users scheduled hours vs allocated hours to several projects and remaining availability on Weekly/Monthly basis. 


Why is this feature important to you -

Allows team to view Planned Hours per day per task/project and build User level allocation/availability report. We could also use the "Resource Management" - Planner feature for this but unfortunately the Planner module is non-customizable, i.e. you can not add custom fields from User/Task/Project objects.


How would you like the feature to work - 

Make the "workPerDate" under supported API version, as we will build downstream reporting functionality to fetch data from Workfront API fields and build additional reporting views and dashboards.


Current Behaviour - "workPerDate" is under API unsupported version, which flags risks as we continue to build our dashboards, as the field has no support from Workfront and it could get discontinued unannounced.