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Make workload Balancer Fully Functional


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Workload Balancer used within a project and within Resource Management should provide the info that makes it fully functional for it's intended purpose. 

This would allow resource managers to spend less time assigning work and balancing workload and reduce frustration created by the lack of complete info. 


Current challenges with the WL Balancer view include the following: 

-The planned hours for tasks are not viewable. 

-There are no details about planned hours by assigned role. 

-The "Advanced" link to see more task details is not available. 

-When viewing an unfiltered list of users, you can't begin typing a user's name to go to that part of the list. 


The solution: 

If the planned hours details were included in a hover, pop-up or the "open summary" window, assignment decisions could be easily made with the WL Balancer view. This information is available in the system and would just need to be added to the view. 



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Level 2


additionally the unassigned section - should have a column or pop up displaying the task (which it does now) but also what role is assigned and is in need of a person..  Unless I am missing something it seems like a huge gap.