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Make People section of a project dynamic


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Anytime someone is assigned to a task in a project, is the project owner or has had a project shared with them, they become in the People section of the project. All good. However, anytime a task is removed, a project owner changes, or any people change on a project, the old users are still in the People section of the project. Based on email notifications many people opt into, this means they are getting so many irrelevant emails for projects they are no longer on. They don't want to turn those off, bc need those notifications for projects they are actually on. When someone is removed, the People section should be dynamic to be removed from there too.

Also, when we use a template for a project (which is almost always), and in Planning/refinement before changing to Current, sometimes we remove unnecessary tasks, but it is still adding those people to the People section even when we remove them in Planning status. Very frustrating.

Lastly, when someone is deactivated, they should also be dynamically removed from templates and the project people section.