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Major issue - Can't limit resource owner right to change project date and info


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Need to have a option to limit project "manage right" for "Resource Manager".

All we need resource managers to do is assign resources and use the tool to monitor resource load. We trained them to use the new people /scheduling area. This will be very helpful for our company if more options/filters can be given(different idea exchange post)

The major issue for us is that they are also given right to change project "name"; "planned date", etc if they are assigned to resource owner. During our testing, our resource managers did "accidentally" changed the predecessor/ due date/ project name etc and "NO" notification to project owner can be set up either.

This can be a controlling nightmare for us as PM should be the only persons should grant the right to update these field in our company.

We also checked with workfront consultant". There is "NO" work around. So, if we remove them as resource owner, then the new resource planning tool become useless to us.

Please correct this

Thank you



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We were looking at something similar for our Managers/Supervisors. However, making them a Resource Manager and turning them loose in the Scheduling view gives them to much power. What we are looking at instead is using the People > Teams > Working On view. It appears to give us a little more control. However, we are still finding issues with this view. For example, when looking at their resource assignments and allocations, they can still affect the allocations for other resources that are assigned to the same task even though these people don't belong on that team or report to that manager. We'd prefer that resource assignments outside there team were either not displayed or not able to be changed by that person. We would also like to see unassigned work, but not only assigned to their team, but to Primary Job Roles belonging to their team members. We rarely use Team assignment; its more typical that we make role assignments. If this view showed unassigned work for primary job roles belonging to that team, that would be better for us. This way they could see the smaller unassigned service requests requiring one of the resources and make those assignments. What we really want to accomplish is visibility into the demand for a Manager/Supervisors resources with limited control, but not sure that it exists.


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1000% agree. In my Org, Project Managers own the workflow, and all resource managers do is balance their team workload based on tasks assigned. However there is a tendency for them to move out dates (either bia extended duration, or adding day to the predecessors) when one of their team members fall behind, to prevent them from showing up as late. There is zero visibility to this action,.


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Any traction on this? I have PMs frustrated by resource managers changing dates, both accidentally and as described above.