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<Custom Forms> Ability to Disable 'Select All' for Checkbox fields


Level 4


At present it is not possible to disable the 'Select All' function for checkbox fields. It would be very useful to be able to deselect/disable this functionality for each checkbox field in the Admin layer of the form builder.



Level 1


Yes! This should absolutely be a setting we can turn off -- preferably on a case-by-case basis for each checkbox field, and it is extremely frustrating that the preview feature in the custom form builder doesn't accurately reflect how a form will appear once it goes live.  


Level 2


I agree that this should be optional. With the "select all" option sitting at the top, it has seemingly encourages people to select it versus going through the list.




Thank you for the submission! We think this is a good enhancement to the Workfront platform overall and this product area in particular!


Workfront currently prioritizes large-scale, foundational enhancements such as the new Reporting experience and changes to the core data model, so this item does not fit in our near-term roadmap. As such, I am marking this as Declined now, but we'll keep this in our backlog for the improvements for this area so that we can revisit the decision in the future.

Status changed to: Declined


Level 1


Yes please add the ability to turn this off!  Also, please do NOT set it on as the default.


And make sure it is included in the preview view - it caught me off guard when i saw it in the live view only.