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Locking Stages on Proofs


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The ability to have an option to lock proof stages only after an “Approved” decision has been made. Currently, when an approver marks a proof “Changes Required”, the stage locks and the proof creator can’t respond to or resolve comments on the proof. We use lock stages so that active proof stage shows accurately on our proof reports. But by having the stage only lock and continue with the workflow after an “Approved” decision, this would allow for users to make/resolve comments when a decision of “Changes Required” has been made. Allowing for there to be collaboration between users on proofing.

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Level 2


I actually mentioned something about this to a Support agent yesterday afternoon. I think you're on the right track, but what if Workfront instead made it to where a Proof Owner could resolve Comments without unlocking the proof?

I feel like the proof should be locked for comments either way to avoid the issue of Reviewers leaving comments after the decision(s) have been made. With that in mind, I don't see why one has to unlock the proof just to resolve the comments.

I can understand the need to unlock to reply to comments though and don't mind it as that can help breed clearer comments that don't require the Proof Owner to obtain clarification in the first place.