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Layout Template based on type of Project


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As of now a user has a single Project Layout Template assigned to them based on their access.

Our Idea is to change the Project Template dynamically, based on the type of Project or any other custom variable which distinguishes between projects.

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We definitely need something like this also. Out use case is that generally different groups of users have layout templates geared towards the way they work (especially pinned dashboards/views within a project).

The issue we face is when we may want to a user from another group to work on a piece of work they wouldn't usually be involved with, and therefore the visibility if that project generally makes no sense due to the dashboards/views that are configured by their layout template.

The only issue with this suggestion is that in our case we have a different layout template for a team that will always work on the same set of tasks in a project. Maybe a combination of project/program/portfolio and job role (which you could define) would give the flexibility of what layout template to use when looking at a particular project.

Even a toggle switch (like is being introduced to switch between classic and the new ux) would go someway to address the issue.....