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Issues - Opened vs Closed in 1 report/chart


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In one report / chart:

  • How many issues were opened (in a period - e.g. this month)
  • How many issues were closed (in a period - e.g. this month)
  • and if we could add a third object, how many total issues were open in each period (month)

Would be great to be able to do this for Tasks and Projects, too.

(If someone knows how to do this already, please let me know)



Level 3


Marc - I've got a very similar request from my mgt team at this very moment. We're using a dashboard to display Total Open Issues, Open issues this month, and Closed Issues this month. The workfront support team confirmed that at this time, using the dashboard to display multiple reports was the correct strategy.

We'd like a bar chart to at least compare the total open against the total close in one report via a bar chart. A third line chart would be to display the total open for that same month.

I figure the enhancement would also be able to cover any major objects in Workfront. So a user could report on Open vs. Closed tasks, or Open vs. Closed Issues, or Open vs. Closed Projects.

Good idea. I support this request.



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I am able to report on total issue closed per month, total issues opened (new issues) by month.

I am not able to figure out how many issues are open by month (or over a certain period). Were you able to resolve this?