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Improve visibility of fields added to Home and Summary via the Layout Template


Level 7


Currently we can add fields to the Home and Summary tab via the layout template, however, those fields are only visible to the person assigned to the object. In general when a customization is added to a layout template everyone with that layout template can see the customizations and I don't believe this particular functionality should be any different.

Make addition or removal of fields on Home and Summary visible to everyone not just the person assigned to the object.

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Level 10


Really surprised (although I shouldn't be), that configured options for Home / Summary are only visible to people assigned to the Task/Item. The preference would be to provide the users with some consistency throughout the application. Not to mention this is extremely inconvenient for Project Owners or Managers / Supervisors that manage tasks for their resources.

We recently migrated our users over the the new UI and I don't see a whole lot of benefit in promoting this feature "as-is", except for possibly posting and update or adding hours.

@Teale McCleaf - can a trade you a vote for a vote?