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Improve SharePoint (Graph API) experience


Level 7


Description - Make it easy to locate a particular folder using Graph API option in the documents section.

Problem - When I search for a particular folder, it gives multiple results with the same name (making it difficult to go for the correct folder). In the example image below, I'm trying to search for 'Development' folder and there is no way for me identify the folder I'm looking for.


Why is this feature important to you - I'm trying to introduce this option to Project Managers for them to use project documents effectively.

How would you like the feature to work - Some way to indicate hierarchical name of the parent folder(s).

Current Behaviour - No indication of hierarchical folder name(s).

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Level 7


Wholeheartedly agree. Related: keyword searching for files is very clunky. If ever a user wants to use the SharePoint integration, I recommend they paste in the exact file name including extension. That's the only way I can to get to a file with any sort of efficiency.