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IDEA: Update Default Filters on Timesheets to be the users projects, tasks, issues


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Description - When trying to add tasks, projects, or issues to a timesheet the default filter is everything over anytime a user has had access to (assigned to them or not). Since it's a timesheet, it really should be specific to a user. While there are filter options available, my users find it difficult to manage and use these for adding items that haven't populated onto a timesheet and then because the filters are sticky when they navigate back to a different area of workfront the filters are applied and they have to un-apply them. 


Why is this feature important to you - this is important because my users want a system that is easy to navigate for the end user.  The more clicks they have to make the more frustrated they get and adoption is already hard enough.


How would you like the feature to work - Have a filter option that is specific to the user viewing their timesheet and timesheets area. Preference would be filtering that doesn't stick when navigating back to another area of the tool.


Current Behaviour - Users have to filter for "my XXXX"

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I find the search functionality in the legacy timesheets more intuitive and user-friendly compared to creating filters. It would be helpful to have this feature back.

While consistency across objects is important (like in the case of filters), user-friendliness should not be sacrificed. A more intuitive system would allow admins to focus on process improvements rather than spending time on helping users to create filters.