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HOME: "Not done yet" button is confusing on Tasks/Issues


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In Workfront New Experience, there is a muted yellow button next to Assignments that says "Not done yet" on a task or issue that is marked Complete/Closed. It is confusing to see that sandwiched in between Percent Complete and Status, especially because it jumps out the most so it isn't immediately clear if the item is current or complete.

Would like this button to be less accentuated; maybe a plain URL like it used to be, or a drop-down option on Status so that Closed or Complete is the most prevalent item to the eye.

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Level 5


Agree with this. Oftentimes, I am asked why the button appears (oftentimes at my company, people think it means WF is telling them they are "not done yet" and they are wondering what they missed in the task that would mean they are not done yet).