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HOME: More Options in Outlook Calendar Synch for Working Hours Category Selection and Filtering


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I have found that if a user who synchs their Outlook calendar to the new Home page has Out of Office appointments on their Outlook calendar from other users they manage, those OOO appointments will be added to their totaled view of "Working Hours" in the synched calendar so that these Working Hours are way out of whack and totally inaccurate. One user showed 735 working hours in a single week!

We need more options for filtering the items that will be synched so that only the user's desired working hours on their Outlook calendar will be added to the working hours total. WF Customer Care advised that the user should share their colleagues calendars instead of receiving appointments for these OOO items in order to have the visibility they need to their colleagues OOO days. This requires that I change the way our users are using Outlook and that's not a battle I want to fight. Workfront needs to give us more filtering/category checkbox options in the synched calendar to show/hide these calendar items that are skewing this working hours total.