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Form-specific choices for checkbox, radio button, and dropdown fields.


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Description - On a custom form, checkboxes, radio buttons, and dropdowns all have an option to "Hide Choice". This feature allows admins to hide specific choices on the form. For instance, a field called "Pets" might have 3 choices: "Bird", "Cat", "Dog". By selecting the "Hide Choice" option next to the choice "Cat", an admin can hide that choice from displaying to users of the form. However, hiding the choice of "Cat" will hide it on ALL forms that use the "Pets" field. It would be beneficial to have the hidden choices be specific to the form where the setting is changed, rather than on all forms that reference that field.

Why is this feature important to you - Currently, if the same field is used on different forms, that field will display the same choices on all forms. Often a form might be designed with a specific audience in mind. Being able to customize the field choices for the specific audience would make the form more user-friendly, while also saving the admin time (by not having to create different fields for different forms, and not having to reference multiple fields when running reports).

How would you like the feature to work - When an admin is creating a custom form, they will add the checkbox, radio button, or dropdown field as normal. All choices would display by default (as they currently do). However if/when the admin chooses to hide a choice, that setting would be saved only on the current form being edited. If the admin were to edit an additional form that includes the same field, all choices for the field would be displayed by default unless the admin were to hide a choice on that additional form. If the admin did choose to hide a choice on the additional form, that hidden choice would be saved only on that additional form.

For example, if there was a form titled "Household" it might have a field called "Pets" with choices of "Bird", "Cat", "Dog", "Goat, "Horse", "Rabbit". Since the form is specific to a household, the admin could choose to hide the choices of "Goat", "Horse", and "Rabbit". Then on another form titled "Barnyard", the admin could reuse the same "Pets" field, but hide the choices of "Bird", "Cat", and "Dog". By doing so, all pet choices across both forms would save in the same field, however only the relevant choices would be available on their specific forms. When running a report, the admin would only need to reference a single "Pets" field, rather than having to reference a "Household Pets" field and a "Barnyard Pets" field.

Current Behavior - Currently, selecting the "Hide Choice" option will hide the specific choice on all forms that reference the field. If an admin wants to display different choices on different forms, they need to create a completely distinct field, essentially duplicating the field in question. This is not ideal as it can become cumbersome to maintain both from a form/field standpoint, and from a reporting standpoint.