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Find-and-Replace Functionality


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Looking for a functionality similar to Excel for a "Find and Replace" within a project or template. For example if I've labeled multiple tasks "Client Review" but want to replace it with "External Review" I can find and replace that text easily.



Level 3


Would love this as well. Bulk editing results is not a good workaround since it sets all tasks or template tasks to the same name, such as PDF Design and PDF Review, both changed to PowerPoint Design. A find and replace function would let you change PDF Design and PDF Review to PowerPoint Design and PowerPoint Review.


Level 1


We just launched Workfont and that is one of the first questions we were asked. Templates are so necessary to ensure consistency across all projects but there are those times when terminology needs to change depending on the project, client or team you're working on. Our templates also have placeholders for different type of participants in a project (KOL vs Patient vs Client) that having a search and replace would help us update timelines so much quicker.

Hopefully this can be added soon  

Much appreciated




Hi folks,


While you're waiting for a global search and replace feature, I invite you to consider our Excel Updater solution (e.g. export to Excel, search and replace there, then re-load to update Workfront) and/or our Sync Template solution (e.g. improve the template wording etc, select a set of existing Projects that used that template, then sync the changes out to those projects).