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External Agency users can't access Workfront from Workfront-produced emails


Level 9


Clicking into an email notification from Workfront doesn't link the system. Does this have to do with SAML authentication or SSO?

Update From Workfront Support:

Workfront reports these are one of the drawbacks using SSO. If a user is not previously authenticated to Workfront (before the timeout), the system doesn't know if it is an internal, or external user, so it redirects them to the SSO system for authentication. This is really no way for the system to distinguish of the usr should be an SSO user for or outside user until they type in credentials.
Again, they've suggested for this to be included as an enhancement request from our end.


Level 1


I'd love to see this get addressed too. ;) but I'd prioritize Workfront to be SAML friendly with the 'community access' as well as accessing the sandbox. Having a SAML account means for me, as a Workfront admin:

  1. I can't use the admin functionality to reset user passwords (who aren't using SAML - the external user situation) the action of resetting a password requires password entry - which I don't know or have access too)
  2. Sandbox access issues
  3. Community access issues (workfront support creates non-SAML accounts for customers using SAML)


Level 3


I'd also like to see this addressed. Our company has SSO-SAML activated. We have several users outside our organization (customers, vendors, etc.), that have collaboration access to Workfront. However, if they receive an email notification for a proof review, approval, etc., and they are not already logged into Workfront prior to clicking a link within the email, they are directed to the SSO login for our organization. This is a very poor user experience, and especially sensitive with our customers who feel they should be able to simply click a link to access.


Level 2


Yes just came across this same issue and would like to see this resolved. we have at least 25% of our users external to our company, however, need the internal users on SSO. We continue to get emails from our agency partners asking why they just cannot click on the email links provided.


Level 1


Hi there,

We stumbled on this issue today. We recently implemented SSO internally as a marking agency with the intent of opening access to external client users as part of our deployment. We discovered that we're unable to exclude SSO rules being applied to those users outside our company. In this case, the user experience for our client users will be really poor.

So with that said, we're likely going to have to roll back SSO in order to allow our clients to appropriately log in seamlessly.

My hope is that Workfront addresses this so that our internal team can have SSO and that our clients can use a login screen to access Workfront directly or via the links that are provided in various notification emails.

Thank you!