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Enable quick filter to find "shared system-wide" in reports



Description - It would be useful/nice if the funnel quick search button above reports could filter for all words seen on the reports. Currently it seems to do so only for some. 

Scenario - I have created a Dashboards report, in which there are these two columns: Shared With, and Shared System-wide (both native fields found in the Columns portion of the report builder). Some of these dashboards are shared system-wide. For these ones, under the Shared With column, I can see one of the line items saying "System-Wide"; on the other column is says "True". If I use the little funnel filter above the report, I can filter for the word True and the relevant dashboards show up. If I filter for the words Sytem-Wide, the filter returns zero results. It should return the same number of rows as the previous search/filter.

Why is this feature important to you - it's impractical, and inconsistent. I found this one behaviour in which the filter returns zero results on something listed within the cells of the report, but I am not sure what it is not being read. The other thing is that now I can't remove the Shared System-wide column, even though I have the information already listed in another way in the Share With column: my report shows duplication of data and that's not a best practice.

How would you like the feature to work - I would like the funnel search/filter option to work on all words/information listed within the report, not just some. 



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I've experienced the same when using the Quick Filter that not all columns apply so then I have to use the native browser's find feature.


In the meantime, @laurence_jayawardaneold, you could create a dashboard filter for "Shared system-wide = true" and then apply that to the existing report



@MoniqueEvans you're right, thanks for the idea! I have been working at building filters and groupings and views that I can use across reports, so I think I will build one for looking for 'shared system-wide' (and report prompts, I'm finally getting around to prompts!).