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Enable notifications by group


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We are trying to build out a multi tenant installation of WMS. One of the key things that we have found is we can't send different notifications to different groups. We would like the ability to customize the notifications for each home group in the tool, without affecting other groups



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I agree with this - it would be a great option... for our instance & the way we use workfront, we have ALL notifications turned off, however they would be useful for a small group (basically our admins)... however the time and ask involved in turning them on for all users, then turning them off manually for 95% of our user base is too much... I would love to be able to turn notifications on for just a small group of users and let those users customize to their needs... have you ever received any traction from WF on this?


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Currently, email notifications can be set up for individual users or teams. It would be helpful to have email notifications by group and by role. For example, sharing a document with a group would trigger an email; currently, if an object is shared with a group, no one in the group is notified.