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Easy Toggle between Planned and Projected Dates on Scheduling


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Projected dates is helpful to see how things are really tracking along, a better sense of reality I suppose. Planned dates is good to see what we originally had in mind and allows you to view allocation. In order to change between the two, you have to go into the settings and switch the toggle.

**My idea is to bring that toggle out of the settings wheel so it's a lot easier to toggle between the two views. Sort of like on the gantt chart you can check the box to switch to projected dates, that's nice... bring that to Scheduling!

Bonus points if there is a way to keep the allocation with the projected dates, to basically see the projected allocation.



Level 10


Couldn't agree with you more on this one! We are really starting to dig into the resource management features with a specific team in our organization. One of the first things we identified in the Working On View for teams was the need to actually overlay (display) Projected Dates along side the Planned Dates. --> Just like in the gantt view.

One thing our PM also mentioned was having the ability to see the allocations for projected dates to get an idea of remaining work in addition to displaying the % complete for the task either on the bar on in the details box that drop-down for the task on the view.

Mega bonus points for us -->>> Include zoom capability in the Working On View, Scheduling, etc. so it has the same look and feel as the gantt. Most of our managers like to see at least a quarters worth of assignments for scheduling/view their resource demand; 6 weeks is not enough. It would be nice if you could zoom further out to see overall demand for a quarter, with the understanding that you'd have to zoom back down to the day to update allocations!




Hi everyone,

This is currently available in Workload Balancer, the replacement solution for Resource Scheduling. Fine more information here: Link