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Easily add time together for the same day when logging time


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Description - Logging time in Workfront should be as simple as possible. Right now, users must convert minutes to hours and manually add their time together when logging more than once a day. 

Why is this feature important to you - Currently my users must mentally add their time together if they work on the same task/issue multiple times a day and this wastes their limited time and creates a deterrent to logging time in general. It's also difficult to convert time into a decimal

How would you like the feature to work - Ideally, I would want someone to click log time and type in the number of hours and/or minutes for each day and if they needed to add more time instead of updating the number to the new total instead just type in the new number and have Workfront add the time together. Even something as simple as typing "+1 hour" or "-15 minutes"

Current Behaviour - Users have to pull out a calculator or rely on mental math to figure out what the decimal conversion of minutes to hours is and then add that to the existing number

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Hi Monique,


I really like (and just "Liked") your idea here to enhance Workfront with some +/- button to help users record additional time without having to Do The Math atop whatever is already recorded for the day, but in the meantime invite you (and any others who need a solution along this line sooner than later) to consider our Enterprise Stopwatch solution, which makes it simple and convenient for everyone to track time from their browser, tablet, or smart phone, as the work occurs...No Math Required.





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