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Duplicate Queue Topic Groups, Queue Topics, and Routing Rules or Move/Copy them to another project


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Description - It would be great to have the ability to duplicate Queue Topic Groups, Queue Topics and Routing Rules or to move or copy them to another project

Why is this feature important to you - This would save time on filling out duplicate information, you would only need to change the name if you needed to create new items. And if you were creating a new form that required the same queue information you wouldn't need to create new items if you had the ability to move and copy them.

How would you like the feature to work - A copy within existing project function and a move or copy to another project function (would also be great to be able to do this in bulk)

Current Behaviour - No ability to copy or move



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It is possible to do this today via project templates.


To Copy a queue setup:
1. From your original project, perform the "Save as a Template" action. 

2. In the template, delete all tasks and project-level details (owner, portfolio, etc.) 

3. You should end up with a template with no data in it except for queue details (topic groups, topics, routing rules)

4. You can attach your new template to existing destination projects and it will copy the queue topic groups, topics, and routing rules to the destination project from the new template.

5. The template can be kept and applied to any/all destination projects that require the same queue setup.

Note: this adds topic groups, topics, and routing rules to your project. It will not replace existing topic groups, topics, or routing rules that may already exist in the destination project.


To "Move" a queue setup:
Perform the same steps as above. You can delete the queue configurations on the original project after you've copied them to a template.


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I remember when I first came across this 'template for routing rules, topic groups, and queue topics' on the community a few years ago. When we implemented we were told it couldn't be done. It was a game changer when I learned we could do that! And has saved me a ton of time!