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Drag and Drop Kanban Stories to Specific Location


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When managing stories on an Agile Kanban board and moving a story from one status to the next in a sequence, we need the ability to drop the story in the next status at a certain location within the list of stories. Current functionality is for the story to retain it's comparative position that it had when it was in the backlog.

We are a production support organization for a data warehouse and may have a new story come into the backlog that is a higher priority than an existing, in-flight, story. Under current functionality, as the story moves through the release process, the story will be put at the bottom of the list of existing stories (in each status) and we must then manually move the story to the top of the list so it will be worked on next by the Agile team.

In another situation, if a backlog story's priority changes and it needs to be expedited, it will be placed in the list of existing stories in the same order it appeared in the backlog. That location is rarely where we now want it listed. We must also find the story in the list and then manually move it to the correct position.

We current spend time after nearly every Kanban stand-up reordering the stories so that they reflect the actual priority of work.

What we need is the ability to drop the story into a specific location in the list of stories. That position is not related to the position it was on the backlog. Basically, we would like to replicate the manual Post-it notes where a story is inserted into the list of stories already on the board.

The current functionality does not compare well with other products who manage Kanban boards.

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