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Document Version Control - Not True Version Control in New Experience


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The updates to version control in the New Experience is causing a lot of confusion and the updates have defeated the purpose of having true version control with one document link to the latest version. This should not be an 'innovation lab' request, but I was told to submit it.

The appending of the version number to the URL is not true version control. If the initial uploader passes along the full document URL, it remains that initial first version and that is what anyone else will download, even if a newer version of the document has been uploaded. My team realized this after two major issues happened as we pass doc links along through tasks in comments and if the first version URL is what is being passed along, the next team member or client can be downloading an old version.

This is a major problem and again, defeats the purpose of version control. This needs to be updated to be similar to the Classic version where a user could download an older version in the 'Versions' list to get a specific version URL, and it not be appended to the browser URL.