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Document Modification without download


Level 5


This may be accomplished with OneDrive integration, but modifying documents in Workfront is too cumbersome. Asking business owners to download the document, make their edits, and remember to reupload the document is too difficult. Create functionality similar to OneDrive or Google docs.



Level 5


Agree that Word doc (and even excel) reviewing could be easier without downloading/uploading. There's also this idea exchange for having full Word editing capabilities for redlining docs within the proofing tool. Could also be effective.



Level 1


Editing of documents is currently supported through the Google Docs and Microsoft OneDrive integrations. The caveat is that when editing these documents that were generated as proofs through Google or OneDrive, the changes do not reflect in the previously generated proof

We do not currently have any further plans to introduce document editing within proofing


Level 3


With the advent of online and/or inline editing of documents becoming some prevalent, it would be great to see Workfront join the ranks of other cloud providers to offer this capability. I don't like having to create multiple workarounds with other tools to make this happen. Utilizing Onedrive for example adds additional administrative and training issues versus using the exiting WF system. Please HELP!!!