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Dialog to search for project needs filters


Level 4


Description - When trying to select a project (cross-project dependency, adding projects to a program, etc.), the search dialog only allows filtering by name. It would be helpful to add project filters to the dialog box so that I can limit the matching projects. For example, I want to only filter for projects that I own or that I created rather than seeing every project that matches the name.


Also, the name matching is not doing a contains for the whole string. It is only matching by each keyword. This should be fixed as well.


Why is this feature important to you - It's difficult to find projects that are mine and not someone else's with the same name

How would you like the feature to work - Need additional project filter option to scope the name search

Current Behaviour - Name search match each word instead of the whole string as a "Contains". This doesn't filter the project set enough to know which project is mine and it generates a long list to scroll through.